Web Services

Web services are a convenient way to access GIS data over the internet. Using the web services below, GIS users can connect to and use a variety of datasets in ArcGIS or other applications just as they would a shapefile or any other GIS dataset – but without having to download the data; save time, money, and have access to the most up-to-date data.

MSDI Services REST Endpoint

Geocoding Service REST Endpoint

Services URL for ArcGIS Desktop Applications

MSDI Map Services Available (more services coming soon)

  • Administrative Boundaries: County, City/Town, Reservation, School District, State, Tax Increment Financing District (TIFD)
  • Cadastral: Parcels
  • Geodetic Control: PLSS
  • Imagery: NAIP (4-band 2009 & 2011), NAIP_2009 (4-band)
  • Structures & Addresses: Structures, Structures_WebMerc (Web Mercator projection)
  • Transportation: Roads, Road Names
  • Wetlands: Wetland & Riparian Mapping

Instructions for using the 4-band NAIP 2009 & 2011 within ArcGIS

Directions on Connecting to ArcGIS Service in ArcGIS for Desktop