Data Documentation

MSDI Montana Geology data
The Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology provides geologic data sets for 121 areas of Montana including metadata, reports, correlation charts, & unit descriptions.


MBMG Map Service
The Bureau has an online web mapping service & geodata service for the 2007 State Geologic Map. The data are provided at the 1:500,000 scale and users should be aware of any limitations.

The Bureau distributes geologic map data collected from field research. Nearly all mapping projects are generated and distributed at a particular scale. The MBMG Publication Catalog contains a map pamphlet for each data set with the accompanying information. Current efforts focus primarily on completion of mapping at the 1:100,000 scale in western Montana. Special focus areas receive added emphasis due to growth or development interest in geologic information. Geologic data is used in a variety of disciplines including engineering, energy development, mining, planning, hydrology, and other fields.

    Geology Framework Contact Information

    Geology Theme Lead

    Paul Thale
    Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology
    GIS Specialist
    Phone: (406) 496-4653

    Geology Theme Steward

    Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology
    1300 W. Park Street
    Butte, MT 59701