Geodetic Control

Data and Documentation

MCPD Data Submission Spreadsheet
Contribute to the Multi-State Coordinate Database (MCPD). The MCPD is a database of geodetic and mapping control covering Idaho and Montana. Points are submitted by registered land surveyors. Control are tied to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS), however they are not part of the NGS database nor are they part of the CORS network.

National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Blue Book
The “Bluebooking” adjustment process for GPS projects has been revised and is now available to the public for evaluation and use.


Multistate Control Point Database (MCPD) Application
The public may use this site to search for and download survey and/or mapping control points that are unique to the Idaho and Montana data sets. For your convenience links to the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) control point data sheets and corner coordinates of the Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB) of the US Bureau of Land Management have been provided.

Geodetic Control supports accurate horizontal and vertical placement of all other layers, particularly Cadastral (by improving horizontal locations), Hypsography (by providing accurate elevations from Height Modernization), Land Cover, Orthoimagery, Soils and Wetlands from a combined campaign to acquire LIDAR data or other Remote Sensing data collected with accurate positions and elevations provided by Height Modernization.

Goals for Geodetic Control are to work with other theme efforts to provide accurate and accepted control data for Montana. Goals include improving GCDB accuracy enhancement in priority areas, advancing the Height Modernization program in Montana, promoting public access to public control data including GDCB, promoting the use of standards for reporting control data, developing an on-line database for storing, querying & accessing control data, potentially promoting legislation to require that control generated with public funds be submitted to the public database, promoting training and education opportunities to foster an understanding of the value and use of control.