Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI)

The Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure consists of digital statewide spatial data themes, vetted through the Montana State Library with the advice of the Montana Land Information Advisory Council (MLIAC), that meet essential spatial information needs of the state of Montana and its citizens.  Stewardship is the assumption of responsibility for a MSDI data theme that, depending on the needs of the theme, includes direct or indirect coordination of the production, maintenance, integration, enhancement, distribution, coordination, promotion, and support-resources for that data theme.  Effective stewardship of the MSDI will advance framework information as "data you can trust" – the best available data for Montana; standardized, maintained, and discoverable.

The Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure or MSDI contains 14 spatial framework layers. These layers, or themes, are comprised of seven federally defined "geospatial framework data layers" and seven additional themes defined by the State of Montana. These data layers are in various states of development and the completion, dissemination and ongoing maintenance of the MSDI is identified as a top priority by the entire GIS community.  

MSDI Framework Data are the official sources of data for their respective topics and have priority above other sources.

Theme Steward Theme Lead Status
Administrative Boundaries* MSL Erin Fashoway In Progress/Maintenance
Cadastral* MSL Keith Blount Maintenance
Elevation* USGS Lance Clampitt Maintenance
Geodetic Control* MSL Bob Holliday Maintenance
Geographic Names MSL Gerry Daumiller In Progress
Geology Bureau of Mines & Geology Paul Thale Maintenance
Hydrography* MSL Troy Blandford Maintenance
Hydrologic Units NRCS Tom Potter Maintenance
Land Use / Land Cover MT NHP Linda Vance In Progress/Maintenance
Orthoimagery* MSL Stu Kirkpatrick & Evan Hammer Maintenance
Soils NRCS Cathy Maynard
Structures and Addresses MSL Michael Fashoway In Progress
Transportation* MSL Stu Kirkpatrick (temporary) Maintenance
Wetlands MT NHP/DEQ Karen Newlon and Lynda Saul In Progress
*Denotes federally defined Framework theme.

Maintenance – Theme is considered complete and being regulary maintained.
In-Progress – Theme elements are being developed; some elements may be complete.