Flathead Basin Web Mapping Services

The Flathead Basin Mapping Project data are available as web mapping services that allow users of GIS software to view the data in their map authoring software. Most GIS software allow you to combine these data with your own data or with data from other map services and produce your own custom maps.

To use these services, you must be aware of your software's procedures for attaching to services and viewing the data.

There are two types of services available.

  • ArcGIS Server Map service. This service is available through a SOAP or REST interface. The SOAP address is http://gisportal.msl.mt.gov/arcgis/services. Most clients will show you the folder structure of the server. From the server root, navigate to the NRIS folder and look for the Flathead_2009 service. The REST address of the server is http://gisportal.msl.mt.gov/arcgis/rest/services/NRIS/Flathead_2009/MapServer. If you open the REST link in your web browser, a detailed description of the service will be available, along with links to open it in ArcMap, ArcGIS Explorer, Google Earth, and a simple Javascript browser. Google Earth and the Javascript browser only show the natural-color orthophoto data and do not allow the option to turn other layers on and off.
  • OGC Web Mapping Service. The address of this service is http://gisportal.msl.mt.gov/arcgis/rest/services/NRIS/Flathead_2009/MapServer/WMSServer.