Cadastral Mapping

Identify the owners of Montana's land parcels and explore the state's property assessment database. 

Montana GIS Portal

Montana's searchable index of metadata files that may be used with Geographic Information System software to make maps or analyze location-based data. 

Digital Atlas

An interactive mapping tool for accessing a wide variety of information about Montana's counties, streams, towns, and watersheds.

GIS Data Bundler

Download Montana GIS clipped to a region that you specify.

MCPD – Multi-state Control Point Database 

Here you will find survey and mapping control contributed by Montana and Idaho's professional land surveyors who are committed to improving the positional accuracy of geospatial information..

MABA – Montana Administrative Boundaries Automation (Coming Soon!)

Research, map, display Montana boundaries.  Approved and registered editors can contribute to their respective boundaries which are a part of the MSDI Administrative Boundaries Framework.


Browse USGS topographic maps for Montana and automatically zoom to any point based on latitude, longitude; township, range, section; place name; or quadrangle name.

Montana State Library Partner Applications

This is a list of state government mapping applications and of natural resource agency database access applications hosted at the Montana State Library.

Montana Legislature Maps, 1995-present

Click on a legislative district to see who its legislator was.